About the temple Gedatsukyou

Guidance of precincts

Sect:Nichiren Shu Buddhism
Head Temple:Minobu-San Kuonji Temple
Enshrined:Kaiun Soshi statue carved by Nichiren Shonin
When Hino Nakamasa, a member of the Ashikaga Takauji clan was exiled during the Nanboku Era (1336-1392), he received a statue carved by Nichiren Shonin from Kyoto Hongokuji
Temple's Nissei and established a temple here. Having a statue carved by Nichiren earned the temple the name of "Koso-san" (High priest). In addition, the temple enjoys
many visitors from all over the country during Shingyo Taisai Festival held on September 12.

※Description of the location is available when you click on the number

Description of the location is available when you click on the number 1番、三躰の庭園 2番、鐘楼門 3番、樅並木 4番、七面堂 5番、鬼子母神像 6番、妙見堂

(1) The Garden composed of the three precious trees 

The Garden is mainly composed of two hemlock spruces and one weeping cherry tree. Like said that the statue in this temple is one of the three statues directly produced by St.Nichiren.
The Garden shows a united whole of three statues, three views and three sceneries.

The Garden composed of the three precious trees

(2) The Bell Tower Gate 

The year produced is not identified. This building is the oldest one in this Garden donated by a faithful believer of Yodoe Town and the building made without any nails is a cultural asset.

The Bell Tower Gate

(3) The Street of Fir trees of two hundred years old  

The street of solemn fir trees goes alongside of the stone fence like the one of the large shrine. Thirteen one fir trees and one Japanese arborvitae tree, the fourteen trees in total, was appointed as natural monument of the prefecture as of June fifth of 1959.
The trees were planted by the Jun Priest the 12th. According to the old story, the believer donated one straw rice bag for one stump appearing the depth of belief to the St. Nichiren and Gedatsu Temple.

The Street of Fir trees of two hundred years old

(4) Seven faces nymph 

When St.Nichiren was preaching on the big stone in the place over 300 meters from his residence in September 1277, pupils there were deeply wondering about a beautiful lady who were listening his speech at the site. Then St.Nichiren asked her, " show them your true form". The lady suddenly changed herself to be a very big snake and said " I am a seven faces nymph living in the pond of Seven faces mountain to protect Minobu mountain. If people read Hokekyo text and recite theme to pray sincerely for me I will get rid of any disaster like flood, fire and struggle."
Then she disappeared over the western sky of the Seven faces Mountain. The Seven faces great God in the costume of a nymph has been admired as Protective God of Hokekyo.

Seven faces nymph

(5) The Goddess of children, Mother God 

The hair of the Goddess of children in this temple is the one from a mother of thirty eight years old who were said to pray by pulling out her hair to donate them to recover the disease of her child. The hair is look like growing still now.
The Goddess of children in India who had many children was devil eating the children of poor family, turned to be a Goddess being the teaching of Shakyamuni.
The face of the Goddess in India, China and other religioussect of Nichiren in Japan is noble (calm) but in Nichiren sect
The face is dictated being fearful as God for pray. Apart from the difference of appearance of the face the Godess of children has outstanding power as a protective god for children and has received deep faith on birth, development and cure of children.

The Goddess of children, Mother God

(6) Myoken Buddhist saint, Master of Heaven, the North Star 

Myoken Buddhist saint called as Hokushin Myoken Buddhist saint is a form of Godhood of the North Star, the center of Heaven.
The Myoken Bddhist saint defied in many temples and shrines across many religious sects being as a signal for sailing to control safety of the sea and weather is understood as abundant clops. And also the beautiful posture has attracted faith from many professional women.
In Nichiren, Myoken Buddhist saint being as protective god for learning schools has been familiar as god of studies.

Myoken Buddhist saint, Master of Heaven